The Alignment weekend

Weekends to remember

Our weekends are there to give you a place where you can meet others who are also “different”, they usually also feel very alone in their Being, their development and the things they are doing. The weekends aim to take you a step further in your personal and spiritual development. Because of the high(er) group energy things come to the surface, you can develop a stronger connection with the spiritual world and you can often look at things that slow you down or block you from a different perspective. We would like to help you to come (even) more in line with who you really are, with your mission and lessons here on earth, to become aware of what you are doing here.

We will do this through conversations, live music and, among other things, regression and hypnosis sessions according to our own Alignment Hypnosis method. Usually these will be group sessions, but sometimes we will also choose to do an individual session. Hypnosis is energy and during an individual session all those who are present are an element of that energy. That can be very healing and enlightening for everyone. Information that is important to the entire group can therefore get through.
Sandra will take you into hypnosis and put you in touch with your Higher Self. You can enter into a conversation with your Higher Self by yourself and ask the questions you would like to ask. Immediately after the hypnosis you will have the opportunity to write down the answers so that you can check them again later.

We use hypnosis as an instrument because it brings you into contact with your Core, your Soul, your inner Knowing, that part of you that knows who you really are and why you are here on earth. A part of yourself that most of us don’t easily connect with. We would like to help you with that. Of course we cannot give you all the answers at once. You get what is important to you at that particular moment. A step forward on your path.

Besides the regression and hypnosis sessions, we also have room to talk about Ascension and Transformation, issues that you have come across on your spiritual path, things that you have read, heard or seen and have questions about. When there is time, we will do some exercises based on the Shadow Work by Debbie Ford.

In addition to all this, there is delicious vegetarian food that, depending on the location, will be prepared by Jan-Frederik, Esther-Marieke’s partner. He will also bring his guitar and play for us on Saturday evening, sometimes together with Marc, a friend who also plays the guitar, sometimes on his own. If possible and if the weather is fine, we can build a campfire outside on Saturday evening.