Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Scope
These general terms and conditions apply to assignments to and to all offers and agreements to which Center of Alignment is a party, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. All offers are non-binding. Any purchase or other terms and conditions of the participant do not apply unless they have been explicitly accepted in writing by Center or Alignment.

Article 2 Conclusion of the agreement
Agreements and further agreements, which are not entered into in writing, are binding for the first time after written confirmation from Center of Alignment. The Center of Alignment obligations never go beyond what Center of Alignment has confirmed in writing.

Article 3 Participation by the participant
The participant will always provide Center of Alignment in a timely manner with all the information or information that is useful and necessary for the proper execution of the agreement and provide all cooperation. The participant is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, even if it comes from third parties.

If the execution of the agreement is delayed because the participant does not fulfill his stated obligation or the information provided by the participant does not comply with the conditions Center of Alignment states, will the resulting additional costs be held accounable to the participant and Center of Alignment is authorized to act accordingly. It is also forbidden to use drugs or alcohol during the event. If Center of Alignment concludes that this is the case, Center of Alignment can deny the participant access without the right to return the amount paid for the whole event.

Article 4 Implementation
Center of Alignment undertakes a best efforts obligation in the implementation of the agreement and will implement this agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. Center of Alignment does not work based on results.

The remuneration for the work of Center of Alignment is for participation in the event and the program that Center of Alignment offers its participant. A There is no right to a return or discount for fewer days / hours purchased. When executing the agreement, Center of Alignment will take the participant’s reasonable wishes into account as much as possible, provided that in the opinion of Center of Alignment this is conducive to the proper execution of the agreement.

If and in so far as proper implementation of the agreement requires, the right is to have certain work done by third parties.

Article 5 Changes and additional work
Additional work will be performed by Center of Alignment if the parties have signed a further written agreement on this or that this has been confirmed by e-mail. These additional activities will be reimbursed by the participant in accordance with the usual rates of Center of Alignment, (rates will be discussed on forehand).

Article 6 Fee
The parties can agree a rate per hour, per day, per event or a fixed fee when the agreement is concluded.

Article 7 Price and payment
Payment by the participant must be made immediately upon booking, without discount or settlement by transfer / IDEAL payment to a bank account designated by Center of Alignment. Provided that it is agreed that part will be settled in cash, the full amount must be paid before the start of the event. The participant must pay 100% of the agreed fee in advance, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

If the participant does not pay the amounts due within the agreed period, he or she is in default without notice of default in Center of Alignment being entitled to transfer the claim in which case the participant will also be required to pay extrajudicial collection costs in addition to the then total amount due. , the amount of which is set at 15% of the total amount due, and of any legal costs. If the participant objects to an invoice from Center of Alignment, the participant will indicate this within 5 working days of the invoice date.

The participant has up to 5 working days after the invoice date to motivate this objection in writing. If the participant has not complied with the above, the participant is deemed to have accepted the invoice. All prices include VAT and other taxes imposed by the government.

Article 9 Time limits
Exceeding an agreed delivery time does not give the participant the right to cancel the agreement, or to refuse the purchase of or payment for services, unless he has set a reasonable delivery time in writing and Center or Alignment does not indicate this within that period. will have fulfilled its obligations. If it is not possible for Center of Alignment to allow the event to take place due to casualties, a new date will be announced within 5 working days.

Article 10 Force majeure
In the event of force majeure, the delivery and other obligations of Center of Alignment are suspended. If the Center of Alignment is unable to arrange the weekend to take place, a new date will be announced within 5 working days. Force majeure equals unforeseen circumstances with regard to persons and / or material that Center of Alignment uses or tends to use in the performance of the agreement, which are of such a nature that the performance of the agreement is therefore impossible, or so objectionable. And / or it becomes disproportionately expensive that prompt compliance with the agreement cannot reasonably be expected from Center of Alignment.

Such circumstances include the following: government measures, business, traffic and / or transport disruptions, disruptions in the delivery of a finished product, raw materials and / or aids, illness of loved ones, work strikes, exclusions, obstacles by third parties, by both parties unforeseen technical complications etc.

If, upon the commencement of the force majeure, its obligations have already been partially met, the participant is entitled to invoice separately and the participant is obliged to settle this invoice as if it concerned a separate transaction.

Article 11 Liability
Except to the extent that this is impossible under Dutch law, any liability of Center of Alignment is limited to the amount that is paid out by its liability insurance in the case concerned. If for whatever reason no payment is made by that insurance, any liability is limited to compensation for direct damage up to a maximum of the amount payed to access to the Alignment weekend.

The total liability of Center of Alignment due to attributable failure to comply with the agreement is limited to compensation for direct damage to a maximum of the amount of access to the Alignment Weekend. The liability of Center of Alignment due to imputable shortcoming in the fulfillment of the agreement arises only if the participant immediately and properly declares Center of Alignment’s shortcoming in writing, thereby stipulating a reasonable period for clearing the shortcoming and Center or Alignment continues to fall short in complying with its obligations.

Center of Alignment is not liable for damage caused by the participant failing to provide correct information in a timely manner which Center of Alignment, in its opinion, needs for the correct execution of the agreement. Center of Alignment is not responsible for direct and indirect damage to the articles brought by the participant. The participant will be able to take out travel insurance for this.
Apart from the liability referred to in Article 11, Center of Alignment has no liability whatsoever for compensation to the participant and / or third parties, regardless of the basis on which an action would be based. A claim will in any case lapse if Center of Alignment has not been notified of the claim in writing within one week after the discovery of an event or circumstance that gives or may give rise to liability.

Article 12 Cancellation
Center of Alignment reserves the right to cancel agreements in whole or in part in the event of a change in legislation, regulations, case law or (semi) government policy that compliance with Center of Alignment can no longer reasonably be required. In such cases, the Center of Alignment must notify the participant of the cancellation in writing.
He is not entitled to claim compensation in such cases. Canceling the booking is possible up to 21 days before the event and will result in 100% reimbursement of the amount paid. After 21 days before the event, the amount cannot be returned and the booking is final.

Article 14 Applicable law
Dutch law applies to all agreements.

Article 15 Disputes
All disputes between Center of Alignment and the participant that may arise as a result of this Agreement or of agreements and deeds resulting from it, will in the first instance be settled through legal proceedings before the competent court in The Hague. All reasonably incurred judicial and extrajudicial costs that are the result of non-compliance by the participant with obligations arising from the agreement will be borne by the participant.

Article 16 Disclaimer

Center of Alignment is not responsible in any way if  the particiant has to stop the Alignment Weekend prematurely because of your physical or mental condition.

Center of Alignment shall be entitled to deviate from the program this is in the best interest of the group. Center of Alignment is also entitled to
exclude a participant from further participation in case of physical or mental
reasons. All consequences and costs resulting from this  are then for the participant, who is therefore not entitled to restitution to the amound payed for all or part of the retreat. Even if the participant voluntarily decides to leave the Alignment weekend early there can not be a claim, a refund or reimbursement of extra costs connected to leaving the Alignment Weekend.

Article 17 Final provision
Center of Alignment is authorized to change these terms and conditions. The most recently filed version of the general terms and conditions is always applicable. In the event that one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are found to be void or are destroyed, these other general terms and conditions will remain in effect. For the invalid or annulled provision (s), a legally valid provision will then take the place of the invalid or annulled provision (s) in terms of content, scope and effect as closely as possible. The participant is not entitled to transfer his rights and obligations under the agreement without the prior written permission of Center of Alignment.

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