Mission and vision

Our vision on spirituality has developed over the years. We do not follow religion, are not a club, sect or group. You are completely free to come, stay and go whenever you want. We want to share our thoughts, experiences, lessons and wisdom with you. Because we know that together we can create more, achieve more and offer more, than anyone can on his own. We experience every day that the world is in a transition. That both people and the earth, are changing rapidly. The more aware you are, the more you see, hear and understand about it. The more you increase your awareness, your consciousness, the more you feel part of the whole.

Bashar explains it as a train that left the station in the early 90s. About 30 years ago it was still driving at a slow pace and you had plenty of time to get in. Over the years, the train has started to run faster and if you want to get in at this moment you will have to run faster to get back in line with the pace of the train. So from a backlog, you will have to transform faster to get to the wavelength of the change.
This takes a lot of energy, brings confusion and uncertainty. But once you have started the sprint, you cannot go back. And we would like to help you with that.

Our mission is to give everyone who feels lonely and alone in this process a place where he or she can come “home”. Connecting people and making them feel that they are not on their own. We would like to help you to steer your transformation in the right direction and offer a listening ear if needed. One of the means to help you find your core is hypnosis. Hypnosis is no more than a very deep, relaxed state in which you can make contact with inner ‘higher’ self. This has helped us a lot also and therefore that is why we offer this to a large extent in our activities. We offer you a helping hand to discover who you really are deep inside.