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We are going through a special time. A time in which many of us are working at our consciousness and spiritual development. That is no coincidence. This is a time in which, now more than ever, we have a lot of opportunities for growth. Not only for ourselves, but also for the collective.

By focusing on yourself and your own growth, you help the collective.

Esther-Marieke and Sandra use a 5-step plan to ensure that your consciousness is in the optimal state to make a shift that will be necessary in the next few months.

With this step-by-step plan in mind, Sandra takes you through three hypnotic regression sessions in which you can learn more about yourself. Among other things, we will make contact with the Higher Self and we will travel to another version of you.

We are going to do 3 sessions with the group from 1 pm to 6 pm. Each session will connect to the previous one. This allows you to access information that is important for your awareness to grow.

Esther-Marieke and Sandra are going to help you with this!

Through hypnotic regression, similar to a very deep meditation, you will find out what is necessary for you to know. You rise to a level where all that information is stored.

By following 3 sessions in a row during this day, you will see that you reach a different, deeper level than with the shorter evening version that Sandra regularly gives. During this special afternoon you will see that you get to (even) better information and get deeper and deeper insights.


We will do group regressions using Alignment Hypnosis, our own method. Sandra has been writing her own scripts for group sessions for a long time now. This gives you a lot of variation in the scripts that are used.
The inductions (methods to bring you into the hypnotic state) that she will use during this day are specially designed for this and will ensure that you get the right information. We find the connection with the Higher Self to be very important.

Esther-Marieke has been a coach since 2004 and has been intensively involved with her spiritual development for the past 20 years. She feels the most connection with Kryon, Bashar and similar information. Her strength lies in asking in-depth questions and she likes to go to the core of the problem that people are dealing with. She is also trained in hypnosis and after the hypnosis sessions she will help to clarify what different parts are about, what the message is behind it all and where the subjects still needs to be worked on.

Sandra has a lot of experience in giving one on one and (online) group hypnotic regression sessions. There will be 3 group hypnosis sessions during this event. Her strength lies in applying the different techniques she has learned from, among others, Dolores Cannon and Alba Weinman.


We start at 1 pm and will finish between 5 and 6 pm. In between we occasionally have a short break. Sandra starts with the explanation of how the group sessions will work. Due to this explanation it will become easier to relax and receive the messages from your Soul.

Esther-Marieke will then introduce the theme with a beautiful, in-depth story.

We are going to do 3 regressions in total. Regression is a form of hypnosis. That doesn’t mean you fall asleep and don’t know anything at the end of the session. Our intention is that when you get out of the hypnosis, you have a vivid memory and you can write everything down.

This form of hypnosis ensures that you can reach a part of your memory that you can hardly reach in everyday life. This is very valuable because it is the information you need to grow in consciousness.

In between sessions, Esther-Marieke and Sandra talk with the group about their experiences for those who want to. We try to interpret and deepen the experiences. We can all learn from each other. Sometimes your story can also be very illuminating or healing for someone else.

The purpose of this meeting is to help you get the answers that are important for your personal growth at that moment. The choice is yours, do you also participate?

Note: There are a limited number of places (Previous edition sold out quickly!)
Early bird is € 25 (until ……) Regular participation is € 35.

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