Attending an hypnosis session

Have you always wanted to experience a hypnosis session live? Now you can!

Esther-Marieke and Sandra start live hypnosis sessions, during which Sandra will be hypnotized. In these sessions Sandra’s Higher Self will be addressed. Her higher self is a 6th density entity, many billions of years old and coming from the sun.
Esther-Marieke helps Sandra to get hypnosized in a special way, so that the Higher Self is immediately available for questions that can be asked by those present, via Esther-Marieke. The participants submit these questions in advance, prior to the session, and Esther-Marieke will ask additional questions if necessary.

With these sessions they want to provide a transparent and accessible way for people to experience the feeling of a session. The energy that will be there during the session will be very noticeable for many.
Questions can be asked that are of interest to all of humanity, but also more personal ones.

You will be ‘attracted’ to participate in a session because information will be shared that may be of interest to you or because a certain subject will be shared which will help you to take a step further in your development. Sometimes very directly, sometimes via a detour or it will make sense some time after the session. Trust your intuition and the guidance of your own higher self.

Sandra and Esther-Marieke want to offer you the opportunity to ask questions to this entity. It may be personal, but remember that there are several people in the session who listen in and can also hear your question and answer. So it is important you have no objections about someone else hearing too.

There are certain things that cannot, or should not, be discussed during these public sessions. The entity will generally not respond, or indicate that it is not the right time. We have no influence on that.

The length of the session is determined by the Entity, Sandra and Time. If one of them indicates that the session should be ended, we will respond, even though not all questions may have been asked yet.

We ourselves choose not to ask questions regarding medical advice (such as, for example, do I have a specific illness?). Despite the unprecedented knowledge of the higher self, it will not be possible to ask personal questions of a specific medical nature because we do not want to take any risks in this.

We reserve the right to not ask certain questions or discuss certain topics at any time.

We would like to welcome you to one of these fascinating, educational and special meetings!

What could I ask?

What can you ask for? Here are some examples of questions that the Higher Self can answer just fine:

What is the best thing I can do at this time to increase my frequency?
Where do I come from?
What is the best way to connect with my Higher Self?
What can the Higher Self tell me about my Soul?
I now live in ‘Amsterdam’ (your city), but want to move, what is the best place for me to live?
I have a huge click with dolphins, where does that come from?
Why do I always meet the wrong men?
Have I known my partner for several lives?
Is there a higher self message for me?
I have a lot of problems with my lower back, is there anything to say about the energetic message?
What is my ‘pitfall’ at the moment?

Hopefully see you soon!