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Gathering of Old Souls

Due to the Corona regulations we cannot organize weekends at this time. As soon as this becomes possible again, we will start organizing these beautiful meetings again. A weekend with like-minded people in a powerful group energy.

Don’t want to miss the next one? Enter your name by email, we will contact you if there is more information.

What we can do right now are online events. Through online regression sessions, we help you raise your awareness and move with the growth and change that is required of us in the current transformation.

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Center of Alignment offers you meetings with like-minded people, people like you and me who have a high awareness and have taken their first steps on the path of spirituality. We offer a warm, cheerful environment in which you can and may be yourself. Where we consciously create connection, exchange experiences and support you on your path.

All that while you are working on yourself. We help you to get in “Alignment” with who and what you really are.
What is your “Center”, your “Core”?

Are you interested in the work of Kryon, Bashar, Wayne Dyer, Dolores Cannon, Esther Hicks, Tabaash, Michael Newton, Alba Weinman, Antonio Sangio and others? You can freely talk about anything, ask questions and discuss things. Nothing is strange to us anymore.

Center of Alignment is a cooperation between Sandra Akkermans from QHHT-the Netherlands and Esther-Marieke Dekens from Mind your Spirit. We focus on supporting you on your personal- and spiritual development. Whether you are just starting or already well on your way, you are not alone. 

Would you like to spend a weekend with a group of like-minded people? Getting to know each other, talking about what is important to us, being open and being yourself? Center of Alignment organizes these weekends. Such weekends can change your life and boost your spiritual growth.
We spend 2 full days together so you can really make contact and hopefully stay in touch afterwards. Meet your Soulfamily, people who are just like you and who do the same things. There is no safer environment for being who you really are. 
Because this weekend is open to all light workers on this globe, the official language will be English. 

What can you expect?

Come to one of our weekends, what we are going to do is: 
Processing Karma 
Getting in line with your mission 
Shadow work 
Connect with your higher self 
Develop compassion 
Increase your frequency 
Contact with like-minded people 
Relaxation and tranquility 

Book your weekend today to be sure of your spot.

The next weekend will be from the 6th till 8th of March 2020.

Book your weekend today to be sure of your spot. We have a limited number of places available per weekend. No massive event but a lot of personal attention. What do you get when you book? 
An unforgettable, complete, all-in weekend,
in a relaxing environment with like-minded people
The next step on your path of personal development 
High vibrational vegetarian food 
Contact with fellow light workers 
Deep insights that will bring you further 
Raise your vibration 

Center Of Alignment weekend 6, 7 and 8th of march 2020