What can you do to make your experience more intense?

Before you attend our meetings, you could already make some preparations. It will help you to get more out of the meeting. It helps you to get into hypnosis easier and deeper and shows the universe what you would like to see happening during the weekend. There are several areas you could already work on: 



Start by setting your intention. What is your intention for the meeting? How would you like to feel? 


Food and drinks 

Are you a regular coffee drinker? In the run-up to the weekend, what could help you is to drink a little less or no coffee at all, so when you meditate or participate in regression session, you are able to concentrate better and focus during the exercises. Normally coffee makes your head a little busier (“the monkey mind”), which often makes it a bigger challenge to silence the “ego.” That does not apply to everyone of course, but it could help. 

What also helps is to eat less or no meat, not drink alcohol and not use any drugs (including weed, hash and magic mushrooms) in the week before the weekend. This may help to increase your frequency, resulting in a more intense outcome. Alcohol and drugs can reduce the energy of the brain a little, making it more challenging to get “into” meditation and regressions. 


Questions you want to ask your higher self 

Start by writing down about 3 important questions. One more or less is no problem. We will present these questions to your higher self and / or guides during the regressions. 


Practicing visualization 

Maybe you are already doing this on a regular basis, but you could practice visualizing for a period of time leading up to the weekend. You can practice yourself by lying down or sitting quietly (or in meditation), with your eyes closed, and start thinking in detail of normal situations, such as: what does your kitchen look like? Then try to see the details such as where your fridge is and what is in your cupboards etc … Then try to involve all the senses. See, feel (touch things in thought), hear, smell and taste. Smelling is very difficult for some people, so just accept it when that fails. 

Then practice with situations that you encounter less often, such as the supermarket, an amusement park etc. The intention is that you try to see it from your own perspective, as if your eyes are open, also take a look at your feet and see what kind of clothing you are wearing in your visualization. This helps you to become even better at visualizing / observing in the regression sessions that we are going to do during the weekend. 


Other ways of observing 

There are of course other ways of observing. There is extrasensory perception like clear knowing, clearvoyant and hearing. If you don’t see “pictures” in your head, then it may be that you just know, feel or hear … So if you “see” nothing, look at how you perceive. All forms of perception are okay, of course. The most important thing is that you are aware of the way you perceive … 


How do you “think”? 

There are basically 3 types of “thinkers”. Some of us mainly use their left hemisphere, others use their right hemisphere and there are also some who use them both proportionately. The left hemisphere thinkers, those who are focused on “thinking” can sometimes have a little bit bigger challenge when doing meditation and regression exercises. Combined “thinkers” can also experience this. Are you a little more left-brain thinker then it will really help you to practice a bit to make your experience of a session more intense. 

Here you can do a test (click on the link or the button below) to see if you can use the exercise, this quiz can help you to determine what type of “thinker” you are. The results can ultimately help you increase your skills so that you will have a more intense and beautiful experience during the weekend. Practicing is not mandatory of course but highly recommended … 


There are no obligations 

If you find it difficult to stop with coffee, meat and alcohol, no problem. Do what you can do and let it go. These are tips, not hard requirements. Even without stopping or decreasing your intake, you will of course have a nice session. Your higher self and guides will undoubtedly do their best to convey their message to you.