About Esther-Marieke

Esther-Marieke is 53 years old and has been coaching highly gifted adults for more than 15 years. In recent years, spirituality has played an increasingly important role.

Her own spiritual development started in 1999 and gained momentum after a Dark night of the Soul in 2012. She has already realized several larger projects and said goodbye to have them to find their own way.

During the past 15 years she has studied the work of Kryon, Bashar and many others. She has a website that sells the Kryon products for the European market www.KryonStore.eu. She has followed her own path and only took that which resonated. She has a clear knowing and is an energy healer.

She has developed her own vision on giftedness. A vision that has always been confirmed. For her, giftedness has a lot to do with an increased awareness. Only when the gifted person becomes aware of that, he can step into his own power.

She is also a hypnotherapist and works via the method of Alignment Hypnosis, which Sandra and Esther-Marieke developed together. Helping to awaken “Old Souls” is where her heart lies, she feels guided in that direction.

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