Location and transport

The next weekend will take place at ………. 2020. (As soon as we schedule a new weekend we will fill in the date.)
The costs are € 425,- per person. This includes 2 days of guidance and (hypnosis) exercises, 2 overnight stays, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch and 1x dinner, fruit, snacks, coffee and tea.

Early Bird offer from ……. 2020. The costs for booking this week are only € …..!

When you come to the Alignment weekend there are a number of things that are important to know: 

We welcome everyone on Friday evening, ……… between 19:00 and 21:00 hours. 

After 21.00h we start introducing ourselves and getting to know each other and ground ourselves on the location. We have a program on Saturday and Sunday, we start in the morning at 9 o’clock. On Sunday we close at 16.00h because we must have left the house at 17.00 hours. 


Where it is: 

(Name and address of the location)

You park your car at: 



When you are arriving by public transport, please contact us beforehand. If possible we will organize some transportation to the location, it is necessary to sign up for this. When you come by train it is important to keep your luggage compact so that it can be taken in the car. 

Would you like to come to an Alignment weekend but is it fully booked? Then please contact us and let us put you on a list. People on the list will be the first to be contacted upon cancellation or for a following weekend, in order of registration. 

What do you take with you?

It is not an hotel so we have to do some things ourselves. We have reserved a linen package for everyone, but we have to make our own beds. 

  • Towels (A package can be rented for € …. per person, please specify in advance)
  • Toiletries (There is no hair dryer, etc. available, most of the times.)
  • Slippers (homeshoes) 
  • Clothes to walk to the bathroom (it might not be in your room)
  • Blanket for the meditations
  • Notebook and pen 

Your favorite book on spirituality for the reading table (as inspiration for the others, you take it home again after the weekend). 

There are …. rooms with … beds. So we will have to share rooms. If you come in pairs and would like to have a room together, please indicate this immediately when booking. Furthermore, we let the universe decide who ends up in a room together (ladies with ladies and men with men), coincidence does not exist.
The showers and toilets, available in sufficient quantities, are sometimes located elsewhere in the house. So take something with you in which you can walk to the shower or the toilet from your bedroom. There is/ is not a sink in every room.

We will be eating vegetarian. On Saturday and Sunday mornings there is an opportunity for breakfast and lunch with a homemade soup. 

Jan-Frederik will be preparing a dinner for us on Saturday evening, depending on the location we are in. He is a home cook who loves to cook for us. It is of utmost importance that you provide us information about allergies in advance! During the weekend we cannot make any changes to the food, we will take everything with us on Friday. 

If you have strict dietary requirements, we ask you to please bring your own food. We are not specialists and do not know whether we can meet all requirements. When you bring your own food you can get a discount on the cost of the food. Please discuss this with us in advance, because of the purchases, otherwise we will have to charge the costs. 

It is not permitted to consume any alcohol or use drugs during the weekend. Due to the high frequency, alcohol and drugs can have an unexpected effect. We would like to prevent this.